Dan McGrath
Buyer Specialist

Why I am in Real Estate:  

I had always been drawn to real estate since my mother bought her first house when I was 13 years old.  I had thought about getting my license on numerous occasions, but I saw the agents that we used as either necessary evils or completely useless. Then I bought my own home and the agent I used opened my eyes to what the job really was.  Being an agent is not just finding a home on a website and opening doors to houses.  Being an agent is all about service.  Helping people navigate the Market, financing and all the pitfalls that can mean success and failure when trying to find their dream home.  That's when I knew that I had found my calling.   

Dan was the owner and operator of Body Solutions Personal Training and Fitness in Buckhead for 7 Years.  He the cornerstones of teaching and service to help hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds.  He has taken that same passion and for health and know applies it to help people attain their dream home.

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