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Spotlight on Brookhaven: Meet Daniel Levy, Owner of Advantage Private Home Care

Kelly Marsh

Who is Kelly Marsh? Brookhaven knows the name Kelly Marsh...

Who is Kelly Marsh? Brookhaven knows the name Kelly Marsh...

Jul 9 7 minutes read

Daniel Levy, Owner - - 404-312-6423

Describe your business.

Advantage Private Home Care is servicing families who have a loved one who might need some extra care from a caregiver. We utilize certified nursing assistants and they are able to provide what we call ''assisted daily living activities'' such as helping transfer, bathing, helping with meal preparation, even doing some light housework like laundry and changing linens on the bed. Just giving an extra hand to somebody who is having trouble doing that independently.

Do you service all of Metro Atlanta?

Absolutely. Currently we are licensed in 23 counties around Atlanta and the surrounding area and we actually have many more pending right now as we continue to expand.

What kind of people do you service?

We have a wide range of different families that we take care of. If somebody just had surgery and they're limited for a short period of time and they just need us for a little bit of time; if there is a loved one that has fallen or injured themselves; or if there's a situation where you might want to have somebody there to help to transfer a loved one out of bed, things like that. And then there are some cases where we have loved ones that have dementia or Alzheimer's or some type of a challenge like that where you want supervision with them at various times of the day or maybe around the clock.

Is it age specific?

There is not really a specific age. Obviously we do take care of more of an adult population, but we take care of families of all ages. It just depends on the needs of the individual.

Tell us about your staff.

Every employee is considered a W-2 employee which is very important in our industry. You want to make sure you have a company that's licensed and bonded, and we cover that. Our employees are all certified nursing assistants, which means they've been trained and they are able to provide this type of care. We do background screens, reference checks, and make sure that they have the experience. We meet with the family and really try to make sure we understand what their family's needs are and match up the caregiver that best fits with them.

What is the process to match a caregiver with a family?

It depends on each family. As the owner of the Advantage Private Home Care, I feel like it's important that we actually meet with the families to really help find and determine who we feel is a good fit for them. If the family wants to interview a caregiver that's fine, or if they want us to send more than one out in the first few days to meet them we can do that. Typically when they're working with our company we will work with the family to help with all the scheduling and all the staffing - that's part of what’s included in our services to that family.

Hypothetically, what if the family and the caregiver are not a great match?

That’s another great reason to use our company versus hiring somebody privately. Our job is to get it right; Just like any type of customer service you always want to have your clients feel good about the service they're getting, so we always tell families if they don’t like the caregivers and they don't feel like they're the right fit for whatever reason, we want to know and we will make the proper measures to get the right fit. They are paying for a service and needing good care, so we want to make sure we get the right fit for them. When you use a company like us we are responsible for those emergency situations. If the caregiver cannot make it, our job would be to find a backup or have more than one caregiver available so that way you’re not putting all the ownership on the family. There’s already enough stress and things they’re going through to utilize us to do that for you, so it is our job to handle all of that and take all that pressure off.

Explain the insurance coverage.

In our industry for this particular need if you’re looking for extended hourly care -- Medicare which is what most seniors are able to utilize. Some healthcare benefits do not cover this type of service because it’s considered assisting with daily living activities and that's not a benefit that Medicare or most primary insurances cover. However, many families and loved ones might have a situation where they have a long-term care policy which most of the time covers our services, or we even offer certain programs that have benefits for any veteran or surviving spouse of a veteran that could be some free services for them as well.

What is something that people need to know when looking to hiring a caregiver?

I think for us, we want to provide families with even more resources than just our services - with my experience in the industry we do know how to tap into other resources as well as our services. If they call just needing a caregiver for a few hours a day, I’m going to also look in to see if there’s anything else we can do to provide extra help. For example, there could be home health which is covered by Medicare to also service. There could be some equipment that we feel would be good safety measures for the family, so we want to look in to see what all can we provide for a family that's going to give them the best scenario to keep their loved one in their home environment outside of what we do as well.

How can you help the Brookhaven community?

Well we're obviously very happy to be a part of Brookhaven and give back to the community and be a resource and I definitely want families to know or that even if they just have questions about services and what can and can't be provided, to lean on me. At Advantage Private Home Care we get as much satisfaction out of having a conversation with them as we do providing service to them.

How can people contact you?

Our service is around-the-clock 24/7 and you can reach us at 404-312-6423 or our website where we have a section where you can reach out and contact us through that as well.

Interview conducted by local REALTOR® Kelly Marsh.

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