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Spotlight on Brookhaven: Meet Dr. David Shapiro of CSS

Kelly Marsh

Who is Kelly Marsh? Brookhaven knows the name Kelly Marsh...

Who is Kelly Marsh? Brookhaven knows the name Kelly Marsh...

Jul 9 4 minutes read

Dr. David Shapiro, Chief Wellness Officer - - 404-767-8873


CSS provides safe, effective treatment for fast pain relief of neck pain, back pain, and headaches, and lasting benefits, without drugs or surgery.

What does your business do?

Complete Spine Solutions changes people’s lives by altering and improving the mechanical structure of their spines. We decrease pain and inflammation for people who suffer from neck pain, back pain, and headaches, and take stress off the nerves, spinal cord, and discs by normalizing the structure of the spine.

What methods do you use?

There are two methods to change structure. One is surgery, which is what we are typically able to avoid. The other is called Chiropractic Biophysics. Chiropractic Biophysics alters the structure of the spine by stretching specific ligaments that are too tight in the spine, adjusting the spine into the proper mechanical position, and strengthening muscles as well as ligaments to hold that correction. All patients are given home exercises as well to reinforce what we do in the office, to give them the best outcome in the shortest possible time.

How does CSS differ from other chiropractors and physical therapists?

Our structural change has been studied, researched, and published in the literature to make not just short-term mechanical improvements as well as providing pain relief, but also long-term improvements in pain, function, and structure. Physical therapists tend to work with muscles – stretching and strengthening those muscles – ours is improving structure thus also positively impacting muscles as well as ligaments and decreasing pain in not just the short-term but also the long-term. Most chiropractors do wonderful work mobilizing the spine to relieve pain. Our approach is very unique and different compared to that, as we alter and improve the structure, getting people back into a more normal structural position which is vitally important in the gravity-based environment that we live in.

How does the timing work?

It depends on what the patient’s issue is. Our approach is evidence-based. First, we find out if the patient has a structural problem. Second, we ask "is this something that needs to be fixed?" If it does need to be fixed, how do we get patients the greatest correction in the shortest time to give them not just short-term relief, but actually long-term relief? Maintenance care is something we do provide to patients on an as-needed basis.

Where are you located?

We have two locations. Our newest location is in Brookhaven on Peachtree Road, and our original location is in Tucker.

Is there anything else that you think people should know about CSS?

The most reliable method to analyzing structure is x-rays. We take those and we digitize them using state of the art software which allows people to get a very low dose of radiation and a high accuracy of determining spinal biomechanical problems. The most important take-away is that everyone should have their spine checked to see if they are headed down the right road for a good, healthy, strong life. The earlier you catch these problems the better. If you are in pain, having back pain, neck pain, or headaches, you absolutely should get your spine checked for mechanical problems as early as possible. We offer free consultations over the phone.

Interview conducted by local REALTOR® Kelly Marsh.

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