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What Does It Take to Put on a Festival?

Jennifer Sessions

Buyer Specialist, Accredited Buyer Representative Why I am in Real Estate: I actually got into real estate by chance...

Buyer Specialist, Accredited Buyer Representative Why I am in Real Estate: I actually got into real estate by chance...

Feb 8 4 minutes read

The REAL Cost: What Does It Take to Put on a Festival?

The kids are back in school. Cooler weather is coming. And pumpkin spice beverages flow through the streets. Fall is approaching, and with it, your favorite fall event, the Brookhaven Arts Festival! On October 21st and 22nd, thousands of people will descend upon Brookhaven for the 13th annual festival, a free two-day outdoor festival featuring artists, live music, children’s activities, food and beverages, and a classic car show. We are gearing up for our best festival yet. Only one problem: we still need SPONSORS!

The Brookhaven Arts Festival is put on by a non-profit organization and is 100% run by volunteers, so we rely on the generosity of donors and especially sponsors. Have you ever been to a free show or festival and thought, “how much does it cost to put on one of these things?” The next logical question might be, who pays for it?

Here is a list of some of the things required for any festival:

  • Police: they get paid by the hour to make sure the party doesn’t get out of control!
  • MARTA Police: also paid hourly to keep us safe and help manage traffic & pedestrians
  • Fire Marshall: required by law for any event
  • First Aid personnel: because you just never know
  • Portable restrooms: no explanation needed
  • Trash receptacles: thousands of people = lots of trash
  • Barriers: for street closure
  • Signs/posters: to tell people & local businesses about the festival
  • Musicians: so we all have something wonderful to listen to
  • Stage: so the musicians have a place to play their wonderful music
  • Sound equipment: so that we can hear the wonderful music
  • Audio Tech: because  the sound equipment won’t run itself
  • Generator: the food trucks need electricity outside
  • Insurance: because you just never know
  • Certified Crowd Managers: thousands of people means it is important to have a few people who know how to handle an emergency
  • Permits & application fees: city government has to make money, too
  • Advertising/social media: we want everyone to know about the festival
  • Maps for the festival: we want everyone to know where stuff is at the festival

So what does it actually cost to put on a huge event like this? Overall, it costs about $75,000 to pull off an event like the Brookhaven Arts Festival. And since the Brookhaven Community Foundation is a non-profit, that money has to come from somewhere. It’s only through donors and sponsors that we can make this happen. So… who do you know who would like to sponsor the Brookhaven Arts Festival? Make sure to remind them that their donation/sponsorship is 100% TAX-DEDUCTIBLE! We have a few sponsors already, like Northside Hospital and Discover Dekalb, but we need more! Help us, and be a part of an awesome weekend that you will never forget!

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