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Why Home Staging is a Home Run

Jennifer Sessions

Buyer Specialist, Accredited Buyer Representative Why I am in Real Estate: I actually got into real estate by chance...

Buyer Specialist, Accredited Buyer Representative Why I am in Real Estate: I actually got into real estate by chance...

Feb 8 6 minutes read

There are two types of staging: adding furniture and décor to a vacant home for sale, and arranging your personal furniture and décor when your home is for sale. Regardless of the type, staging involves positioning furniture and decorative items in ways that enhance the look and feel of the home, and make the home appeal to the broadest number of buyers. Staging is especially crucial in vacant homes. 

  1. Staged homes are more memorable to buyers than empty homes. We want your home to stand out from all the other homes the buyer sees. This is especially important now since most buyers begin their home search online, and photos of empty rooms don’t show the size and scale of a room. Additionally, overly cluttered rooms may seem smaller than they actually are.
  2. Staging can make rooms look larger and brighter, and therefore more aesthetically pleasing to the buyer.
  3. Sometimes buyers have a difficult time visualizing living in a home with empty rooms, so staging can help them imagine the placement of their own belongings. If a buyer has a piece of furniture that they really love, they will be better able to envision it in the room if the room has the right furnishings.
  4. Furniture also helps define rooms, and adds dimension to empty rooms. If a home has an open main living area, for example, adding living and dining room furniture can help show how the spaces can be used.
  5. Empty rooms can echo. We want buyers to feel that a room is homey and inviting, not cold and barren. Music playing during showings adds a sense of warmth and life to a home. Street noise is also less noticeable with music in the background. Furniture naturally absorbs noise, so even just adding furniture helps cut down on outside noises. 
  6. A well-staged home can trigger an emotional reaction in a buyer. Case in point: we showed a home to a buyer client. He fell in love with the home - you could see it all over his face. He liked it so much that he asked if we could return to the home with his parents so they too could see his dream home. When we got to the home and he went inside, his face fell. Why? The seller had apparently moved out and the home was vacant and empty. He didn't have the same emotional connection to the house that he had first had, and decided he didn't want to buy it anymore.

Below are photos of a brand new luxury home that we recently had staged. Check out the before and after photos to see how the staging made a huge impact!

No one would argue that this is a beautiful home. But just look at the difference in the warmth when the home is staged! The dining room now looks like a stylish place where you can picture yourself hosting a dinner party. Especially if you have a large dining room, staging can help buyers see how many guests the room can hold and how the furniture can be placed. 

The breakfast area especially benefited from the staging. It was as simple as placing a table and chairs underneath the chandelier. The chandelier is so dramatic and low-hanging that buyers just couldn't connect with the space. Now, they comment on how lovely the room is. This really helped define the space between the living room and the dining area, too.

The staging in the living room shows a buyer not only how much furniture the room can hold, but also how the furniture can be set up. You can see that the living room can easily hold two couches but also could hold a third couch or some chairs as well as a larger coffee table or end tables. 

The kitchen got a splash of color and some accessories, which makes a huge difference aesthetically. The placement of the bar stools shows a buyer how to use the breakfast bar and how many people can be seated at the counter. 

Some buyers may not know what to do with this area, and staging helps them see the intended purpose. The builder installed cabinetry and a bench across from the garage as a "mud area", which can be used as a catch-all to store keys, bags, jackets, and sports equipment, and also to put on or take off your shoes. 

Buyers were overwhelmed by the big open space in the main living area. Before the staging, buyers couldn't envision how to set up the living room and dining area because it's one massive space. After staging, each of the rooms are clearly defined, and buyers no longer struggled with how to place their furniture. 

Staging the bedroom on the main level helps buyers see that it could also be used as a home office or study as well as a bedroom or a guest suite. 

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