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Kelly Marsh & Associates (better known as Kelly Did It Again!) is different than other real estate companies. Our agents are specialists in the area they work and live in. If you are moving into one of our areas of expertise, know that we will have more knowledge about the area than any other realtor. If you are selling a home in our area of expertise, we have more information to share with your prospective buyers so they are able to make a quicker decision on purchasing your home.

Since our agents actually live, play, go to school and church in the communities they work in, they know what is going on in those communities. When a new development is being discussed in our city, our agents are on top of the latest information so it can be shared with you. We make a point to get to know all our locally run businesses and we frequent them ourselves. Therefore, we know where the closest restaurants, grocery stores, or dry cleaners are.  We can even tell you where is the best place to take your dog to doggie day care or where to get grandmas’ antique chair upholstered.

Kelly Marsh is the founder and team leader of Kelly Marsh & Associates, a real estate team at Keller Williams Peachtree Road. Kelly has been in the Real Estate business in Brookhaven for over 16 years where her team continually holds the #1 spot in market share.  She has a Master’s degree in Psychology, and previously worked for 10 years at Blockbuster Video as a District Manager in charge of 12 stores and later as Marketing Manager for the SE United States. She is one of only a handful people in the world that holds a certification as a classical Feng Shui Consultant under the tutelage of Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai of Malaysia, as well as Grand Master Angel de Para of Miami.

Join the team at Kelly Marsh & Associates

We are a team of learning-based, highly ethical, community-minded real estate professionals.  Our unique processes and systems are integrated to create a seamless, world-class experience for you and for every client we work with.

Kelly Marsh & Associates is a team of specialists. Founded from a drive to make each community a better place for our clients to live, Kelly constantly challenges the team members to grow and improve to become better people for their clients, friends, and family. We offer our clients a deep level of expertise and knowledge that is not found anywhere else.

Each team member is driven by their own WHY. As leaders in our neighborhoods, we not only give back to our communities, but we create events and programs that support and enrich the lives of all the people who live there.

Kelly is always looking for team members who share the same values and possess the same level of standards.  We are accepting applications for the positions below.

What we are looking for:

  • Full time Buyer’s Agent - Are you seeking a full pipeline, next-level training and technology, and an efficient team structure designed for your success? We want to give YOU the freedom to focus on providing world-class service to your clients. We are hiring licensed real estate agents to work as Buyer Specialists for Kelly Marsh & Associates. We are prepared to make sure you hit the ground running. You will train directly with Kelly Marsh, who has over 16 years of real estate success and over 25 years of sales and marketing experience. In addition to one-on-one training, you will continually attend classes, webinars, and conferences to grow your skill set.
    • Responsibilities include immediate lead generation and follow-up, long-term lead nurturing, servicing the buyers though the point of contract, participating as an influencer in your farm area, and possessing the desire to be a part of a team structure.
    • What we give you: the most advanced lead generation technology, the best CRM, leads, opportunity, training, coaching, administrative support, and training on how to be the real estate expert in your community.

Interested? Here is your next step!

Email us a cover letter explaining why you are interested in joining our team in the proposed position -- [email protected]

Please be patient as it may take a week or so to review and respond. 

Let's talk Opportunity | Kelly Marsh | Keller Williams Peachtree Rd

Schedule a time to discuss joining our team OR for a quicker response please send an email including your resume to [email protected]

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Kelly Marsh & Associates 

Keller Williams Peachtree Road

As real estate agents, we are honored to participate in these life-changing decisions. We help our clients choose where they live and when they move. Our goal is to not only make this the best possible experience for our clients but also to make a positive impact on the communities they live in as well.

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